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North Maui Beaches

Our Favorite North Maui Beaches

Honestly, we don't visit the North Maui beaches as much as we do the South and West side beaches. This area usually is exposed to more wind and surf than other areas on the island. Experienced surfers, boogie-boarders, wind surfers and kite boarders love this area.

We won't cover the beaches near Hana as we'll save those for the Hana section.

Baldwin Beach Park

Long stretch of beach with a couple of nice small, protected areas to swim on either end. The rest of this beach, however, can see some rough shore break. This is a popular area with locals that live on the north side and can get a little crowded on the weekends.

Ho'okipa Beach Park

This beach park is well known as a one of the world's top windsurfing spots. There are a couple of small, protected areas with calm water to dip your toes in, but other than that, this is not much of a swimming beach. However, watching the professional windsurfers and other surfers take on huge waves is something to see.

On most evenings, sea turtles will come up on the beach and rest on the shore. It's a really nice sight to see, just make sure not to get too close to the turtles while they come ashore.

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