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Our Maui Guide

Warmest Aloha!

We often get asked, "What's your favorite beach?" "Where is the best snorkeling spot?" "Where's the best place to eat?" These are just a few of the hundreds of questions we get asked, so we decided to make a Maui Guide packed full of our personal favorite beaches, activities, places to eat and more.

There are so many things to do and see on Maui that it can get a little overwhelming, especially when you are trying to pack in as much as you can in just a short amount of time. Afterall the time we spend on Maui, there are still several things we haven't checked off our own list of activities and adventures to do!

We hope the information we provide in our Maui Guide makes it easier for you to put together your Maui plans and that the pictures and videos provide you inspiration and fill you with the Aloha Spirit!



Whether we're snorkeling, swimming, body boarding, building sandcastles or just relaxing in the sun, these are our favorite Maui beaches and the beaches that we most often visit.



Snorkeling, surfing, drive to Hana, whale watching, sunset and sunrise on Haleakala... there's so much to do! These are some of our favorite activities, places to see and events to attend.


Places to Eat

Looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate an anniversary, a place that has a good kids menu or just a quick bite of "ono grinds" after a great day at the beach? These are our favorite places to eat.



In need of more sunscreen, looking for souveniers to bring home, need some groceries for your sunset beach picnic? These are our favorite places to shop and fill up on beach supplies.


Contact Us

We love talking about Maui! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our condos or if you have any questions about Maui.

Warmest Mahalo!

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