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West Maui Beaches

Our Favorite West Maui Beaches

Like South Maui, this area is blessed with great beaches with the following beaches our favorites on Maui's west side. The beaches here do not get as much afternoon wind as the South Maui beaches, but it does rain a little more here. Otherwise, beaches here are very similar to South Maui beaches with soft sand, most with sandy bottoms, great swimming and good snorkeling. The two off shore islands visible here are Lana’i and Moloka’i.


Ka'anapali Beach

This mile long stretch of beach is constantly rated as one of the best beaches in the world - and for good reason.  This wide beach has soft sand, easy entry into the water and the north end of the beach, known as Black Rock, is a great area to snorkel.

Parking can be tough here, as there is a small parking area in the Sheraton parking garage and a few spots at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel.  Other than these two limited spots, paid parking can be found at the Whaler's Village.


Napili Bay

A perfect little crescent shaped beach with soft sand, good swimming but the snorkeling here can be a little hit or miss. The offshore reef helps keep the surf calm, however, when the swell does pick up, the surf can be large and currents a little rough.  No lifeguards but there are showers and restrooms available. Parking can be tricky here as there's just one lot between here and Kapalua Bay to park. You'll see cars parked along the side of the road too.


Kapalua Bay

This beach is constantly being voted as one of, if not the best beach in the world.  A stunning beach with soft sand that leads into calm water.  There is a reef here that helps keep the water calm and the snorkeling can be great here.

Like Napili Bay, parking can be tough to come by so get here early in the morning. There's one parking lot along with some parking on the side of the road. No lifeguards but there are showers and restrooms.


Honolua Bay

An absolutely beautiful place that will have some of the best surfing in the winter and best snorkeling in the summer.  There is not really a beach here as the shoreline is made up of rocks and roosters...yes, roosters, you'll know what I'm talking about when you get here.

There's a couple of parking areas, but since this is a popular spot, it can fill up rather quickly, so early mornings are best.  Several tour companies take snorkel cruises here, so if you want to visit the bay without the hassle of parking here, then taking a boat might be just what you need!

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